Friday, August 18, 2017

Follow this tips Everyone Starts like you.

Follow this tips Everyone Starts like you.

Follow this tips Everyone Starts like you.

All people wants that everyone likes them. They all respect,care and love them. They have tried various methods to attracts people towards them. Yes we are social creatures, it is very  important to get love,care from others  to get successful in life. Even it is difficult to live in society without the help of  people. You all understand the importance of people in your  life. So how to make everyone likes you? If you are in this page you really me
wants to know so guys don't worry follow this tips everyone starts like you.

1)Have Good Personal Hygiene
-You should have good personal hygiene to impress the people. They are not impress by your language only you also should have clean body and clothes. Have good smell on you. Nowadays guys most of the people are attract by physical attraction of people. So always maintain good person hygirnt if you really wants everyone likes you.

2)Always be Frank
-You should always be frank with people it helps you to impress the people. All people wants to have frankly friend in their life. If you are frankly it shows you are kind and open hearted. You all know frankly people are always good among all people.  So guys always be frank believe me everyoneikes you.

3)Never Criticize Others
-Yes guys you should never Criticize others. No one like to get Criticize from others. If you always Criticize others they run away from you. Criticizing on good things are also not accepted by people. So never Criticize others live your own life. Never show interest on others matter if you are thinking good for them they never understand what you are saying. So guys it is better don't Criticize others.

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4)Always Be Good Listener
- Always tries to listen others problems. Never show your attitude while people saying something. Listener is the best people for speaker. So guys always shows interest on them and tries to listen more carefully. So guys always be good listener,people really likes you.

5)Give Honest Comments
- Always give honest comments to others. Always tries to make happy them . Giving good comments is the best way to impress the people .

6)Always Accept Wrong Things Done By You
-If you are wrong,admit it. Always accept wrong things never tries to blame others of wrong things done by you. Believe me guys accepting wrongs thing is the best way to attract people towards us.

7)Smile On a Face
-When you are talking to people you should have smile on your face. Next you show show your fake smile you shod have real smile on them. It helps you to impress the people easily as they think you are very kind and open minded. So guys always make smile on face all people really likes you.

Follow the above tips believe me guys they really helpful to you.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Top 10 Tips to Approve Google AdSense Just in 1 Days.

Top 10 Tips to Approve Google AdSense Just in 1 Days.

Top 10 Tips to Approve Google AdSense Just in 1 Days.
Nowadays most of the people get knowledge about Goggle AdSense account. Many people are creating blog and various websites in their life for earning money . Google AdSense is the best way to earn money from blog and websites. Many people create blog due to their passion but after few months most of them are interested in Google AdSense for earning money. Many of getting too much excited and they apply for AdSense without learning about terms and conditions require to apply for AdSense. So most of the blogger get rejection mail from Google. So most of the people who can get rejection mail  can loss their hope and they end their blogging  carrier. But you don't know many famous blogger also get rejection first time while they apply for AdSense. You need to fulfill some terms and conditions before applying for AdSense. Today I am saying top 10 tips to approve  google AdSense just in 1 days.

1)Good And Quality Content.
- You should have good and unique content posts. As your post have sufficient number of word like more than 1000. You post should also follow the terms and conditions of blog. You should give your main focus on keeping best and unique content without copy from others websites. If you copy from others websites you cannot get approved in Google AdSense. You should have maximum 15 posts before applying for Google AdSense. Google has created algorithm as it already know it is copyrighted or unique. So you should give your more attention on keeping good and quality content of your post.

2)Traffic on Posts
- You also tries to get more traffic on your posts. Only having good and quality content is not sufficient to approve for AdSense. You also should have More traffic on your posts. You can also try to get organic traffic than inorganic  traffic which helps us to get approve in AdSense easily. You can get organic traffic from from various search engines by creating back links an PR. You also can get traffic from various social medias like Facebook, Twitter,Google plus and Instagram as well as from various others. So you also should focus on getting more traffic on websites.

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3)Best Design
- You also tries to best design your blog. Your blog must be neat and clean . You should always focus on making good looking of your blog by using various templates. You also should provide proper navigation to the visitors of your blog. As it is the most important reason to get disapproved for Google AdSense. So you should always provide proper navigation to the visitors. So guys always give attention on best blog designing which is really helpful for getting approve in Google AdSense.

- You also should to create various pages for getting approve in Google AdSense. As it is also the main reasons for disapproved in Google AdSense. So you should need to great various pages like about us,contact us,privacy policy,disclaimers. You need to give full information about those pages.So guys don't forget to create pages for getting approve in Google AdSense.

6)Regular Post

- You should have write regular post in your blog .As don't left more than seven days without writing any post as it decrease your ranks and traffic of your websites. So you need to write post in two days or once a week. But you should regular updates your old post daily if you really want to approve for Google AdSense. So always updates your post and get more traffic in your websites.

7)Avoid Violating Things
-You also should carefully in writing about different posts. You cannot anything you wants in blog as you cannot qualify for AdSense.  You should not writes various adult contents and other various violating terms in your websites. So you should need to avoid violating posts for getting approve for Google AdSense.

8)Fast Loading
-Your websites need to load to fast as qualify for AdSense. Your websites need to open just in less than 10 seconds. You should use small images and fast loading themes and template for fast loading. So you should always tries to load you blog fast for getting approve in Google AdSense.

-You also need to create various categories for your posts . You also need to create various labels for your posts. You also need to categorized popular post and various featured post . As it is really helpful for getting approve in Google AdSense.

10) Never Reconstruct
-You should never reconstruct your websites after applying for Google AdSense.
You should never tries to changes templates of your website after applying for AdSense.
You also should not kept any post in draft while applying for Google AdSense.

Believe me guys above 10 tips are really helpful for getting approved for Google AdSense. If you have any problems about top 10 tips to approve Google AdSense just in 1 day please comments me down I tries mine best to solve your problems.

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Testony app Hacks the Facebook Account?

Testony app Hacks the Facebook Account?
Testony app is viral in the Facebook. Many people are using testony app for fun like what will happen in their future what kind of people behavior in them,who hates them,who loves them and many others. But many people are in confusion about Testony app is that it is safe or not. But guys don't worry today I am going to clear your confusion that Testony app is hacks the Facebook account? It is safe or not.

Testony app is the Facebook app which runs under the privacy policy and conditions of Facebook .  It is the most viral Facebook app in the nowadays. Many people are rumors that it  hacks the your Facebook account it is not safe. But guys it is  safe for you because it runs under the terms and privacy policy of the Facebook. Don't believe in any rumors Facebook indicates that it was safe for you. So guys follow and enjoys with this app.

Many people are also irritating with this Testony app and wants to remove it from the their Facebook account they don't know how to remove it from Facebook account. But it is very easy to remove Testony app from your Facebook app permanently but you have follow the following tips:

1) Open Facebook account from which you want to remove Testony app.

2) Then you have click on setting button.

3) When you click on setting button you have seen Facebook app and click on it.

4)When you click on Facebook app you have seen Testony app.

5)You have to click on Testony app and click on remove on Facebook.

So follow the above tips and remove Testony app permanently. If you have any problems please comments me down I tries mine best to solve your problems.