Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Viral nepal kanda gems Kanda Video

Viral nepali kanda gems Kanda Video Exactly what is  Gems kanda video?

Nepal vira kand gems kand video
Nowdays one thing is viral on social media that is  Gems Kanda. 
What is Viral nepali gems kanda?
Do you have gems kand video? These types of questions are gone viral  in Facebook। All people want to know only thing

Exactly what is Gems Kanda?

Gems kanda is a scandal which is going viral on  Facebook। Gems kand video is the video of  boy and girl of Gems Higher Secondary school located in Kathmandu valley । This viral video of game is known as viral gems kand.

 In this video both face is shown clear and taken from different angle which helps to  guess that this video was taken  in a partnershipof both boys and girls . But one thing who leaked it nobody still not get any information.

According to research Gems kanda video get leaked from Facebook group Boka sangathan। This video was also uploaded in Instagram of victim girl. Now through different pages and groups viral gems kanda gone viral.

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  2. Valu lai victim bhannu suhayae na