Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Impress and Get the girl

Impress and Get the girl

Impress and Get the girl

All boys have wished to impress the girl. They use various tricks and ideas to impress the girls but they are fail to impress the girls. You all know it is not easy task to impress the girls but today I am going to say short very simple 5 tips to Impress and Get the girl.

1)Personal hygiene 
-Guys if you really want to impress the girls you should have good personal hygiene. Girls always attracts towards clean guys. They don't like bad hygiene and bad smell person. Many boys don't give attention to their personal hygiene. So guys be careful
about personal hygiene. Always wear fit and clean dresses no matter if they are cheap .It is not necessary to wear expensive clothes also. Main thing is that they suited you. So guys always attention to sanitation and look good.

2)Look right sight
-You all know we are loving our mother since first sight. So guys always looks eyes of girls. There is chance of love at first sight. Always smile when you look girls face it should be natural not face. It also helps you to impress her. But guys never looks at wrong side and everywhere while you are talking to her.

3)Attractive and effective talking
-When you are talking to the girl there should be good talking to her which helps you to impress them. But you should not get afraid to talk them. You should have confidence on yourself and understand her motive which helps you look like gentle men and impress the girls simply in just few minutes.

4)Don't Use Rough words
-You should not use any rough words in front of girls because they don't like rough word instead there is chance of break of friendship. So you should be careful while talking to the people whom you want to impress.

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5)Be good yourself
-You all to be good from your heart.You
should not fight and over confidence in front of her because it losses your impress from her. So guys think before to do anything. Always be discipline,polite in front of  all people which easily helps you to impress the girls simply.

 6)Show your uniqueness
-You should also show your uniqueness than others which helps to attract the girls to you. So guys always show your uniqueness to others if you really want to propose the girls.

7)Be frankly and selfless
-If you guys are frankly and selfless it is easy to impress the girls. They are also easily attract girls to you. So guys be selfless
and frankly it always helps to impress the girls. Never show your
over attitude to the girls. Always be selfless  from your heart. And speak politely to all it helps you to impress the girls simply.

So guys above tips helps you a lot to impress the girls. If you use above tips you are successful to impress the girls. If you have any confusion please comments me down.

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