Friday, October 6, 2017

How to make mind sharp faster

How to make mind sharp

How to make mind sharp

All people wants to sharpen their  mind. All people are trying a lot to sharpen their mind but they are not successful to sharpen their mind due to various reasons.
Yes you all know it is not an easy task to sharpen mind . To sharpen our mind we have to do a lot of works in our life . But guys always remember one thing no people have big and small mind practice on a particular area makes their mind sharpen. All people have same number of neuron noons has neither more nor small so guys you only to know how to utilize our mind. 
Simple tips how to make mind sharp faster

1)Imagination and meditation
Imagination is one the best technique to  sharpen our mind. When you imagine anything they save in our mind which helps you to sharpen your mind. Many scientific experiment and research shows that mediation is also main factor to sharpen your mind. When you do meditation it helps to relaxed your mind .If our mind is relaxed it helps to make your brain sharpen your mind.

2)Sleep well
- You need to sleep more than 6 hours in a day. Science has proof that the person who sleep more than 6 hours has more sharpen mind than who sleep less than 6 hours. The show that if we have good sleep the efficiency of our mind is increase as well as it also helps to increase physical strength . So you should sleep more than 6 hours per day to sharpen your mind.

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3)Drink water
Our brain is 80% water if our brain can't get water it doesn't hydrated well and neurons cannot work well. So you have to drink more than 8 glass of water per day it 
helps to increase your mind . So you should also give attention in drinking more and more eater to sharpen your mind and remain physically health.

4)Red more and more
- Scientific researcher show that reading books is one of the best method to increase capacity of our mind. Reading books helps you to give various new technique to sharpen your mind .If you have more concentrated on studying books believe me it really sharpen your mind.

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5)Do exercise and play games
-You need to do various exercise to increase your mind capacity . play games like solve puzzles and other games helps you to make your mind sharpen as well maintain you physical health. So do exercise and play games if you really wants to sharpen mind.

6)Challange yourself
-You should challange yourself it is also the best way to make your mind sharper. You should always challange yourself as you can do anything .There is no need of getting challangng by others. As you are always winner. Challanging youself makes your mind faster and sharpener.

7)Balanced diet
-Balance diet plays a vital role to  sharpen mind fast . Balanced diet food contain fixed amount if carbohydrates,fats,protein and minerals. You should be aware about importance of balanced diet. If we take balance diet in a regular it helps us to make our body physically as well as mentally health. You should always take balance diet. So if you want to make your  mind  sharpen fast and make your lifestyle healthier you should eat balanced diet food.

8)Quit unhealthy behaviour
-You also should quit various unhealthy behaviour like smoking,chewing tobacoo and drinking alcohol. They directly affect your mind and remember capacity. So you should need to quit unhealthy behaviour as soon as soon possible believe me it really helps to sharpen mind.

9)Avoid sweet things
-If  you have habit of eating more sweets  you should left this habit as soon as possible. It is the worst thing to eat sweet things. Eating sweet thinks like sugar,ice cream,  chocolates distrupt your thinking capacity as well as disturb mind.  So left this habit as soon as possible to sharpen mind and make mind sharp faster.

-Visualization is also best way to sarpen mind as well as exercise of mind. You should tries to visualize ever study things which really helps to sharpen your mind.

Follow the above ten tips they really helps you to sharpen your mind. If you have any problem please comments me down  I tries mine best to solve your problems.