Sunday, October 22, 2017

What happened to MRR? Is MRR deleted?

What happened to MRR? Is MRR deleted?

Mens Room Reloaded

You all know about Mens Room Reloaded. If you don't know about MRR don't worry I am here to describe about MRR. Exactly MRR is a popular Facebook group of nepal.
It is not seen in the search because it is closed group now only admins and members can added you in this group.

But incidentally  today all have only one question

What happened to MRR? Is MRR deleted?

Guys MRR just has been archived. Don't worry it is only archived not deleted. Yes there is chance to get it back. But during archive nobody can post and add or remove members in group. It is also not seen in search until it unarchived. So wait until it is unarvhived.

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But now many people where spreading humour  like MRR has been deleted and there were creating various fake groups and using Facebook group MRR logo in tjeir group and invite members to join their group so guys be carefull always support MRR.

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